Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Temple Blessings

Went here today. Got home and checked my email and voicemail to find two interview invitations. It's not like that's happening every day (I wish)! You can't tell me the blessings of this place aren't real. They are! (They don't always come that way, but today they did.) In addition to that, I must mention the peace and comfort I feel here. It's real!

I can't believe tomorrow marks 5 months since I quit my job. This was never my plan. I've always known I need to have another job before I quit the one I have. At least, that's the logical thing to do. But when God tells you to do something, you do it. I know it's crazy and at times I truly doubt. But, I try to hold on to the faith I have. I've grown much closer to God the past few months because I have had to rely on Him. And I have been amazed to see how He has taken care of me.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Eyes to See

Last week I went to Salt Lake to get together with a friend. As I was riding back on the train, I had some time to ponder. My thoughts were filled with my worries and trials I am dealing with right now. 

And then, I had a powerful, humbling experience. I saw a blind man exit the train. That was it. But, it changed my perspective completely. We are all given trials that we need to learn and grow. But suddenly, my trials didn't seem too bad. I can't imagine how hard this man's life is. I'm sure he's learned to cope, but it can't be easy. 

I was filled with gratitude. Gratitude that I can see (and walk, talk, hear). I can see the beautiful sunset. I can see the smiles on my nieces and nephews faces. I can see the beautiful mountains. I can see where I am walking. I can drive. I can take pictures of this beautiful earth. The blessing to be able to see is incredible. It's one that should never be taken for granted. 

This experience made me realize I should be grateful for the trials I have. Life could always, always be worse. 

I had those thoughts and then got off at my stop and drove home where I immediately had a couple of (small) trying experiences. I dropped my phone as soon as I got out of the car and the screen shattered. But, I picked it up and I took the picture above anyway. Sometimes I see through shattered glass, but I can see. And life is still beautiful. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Plan For Me

Today at church I took my nephew for a walk in the church building. As we were walking down the hall and approached the primary room (classroom for the kids), I saw written on the chalkboard, “My Heavenly Father has a plan for my life.” I know this was meant for whatever lesson the kids were having, but I was really touched. I had been praying and fasting today to know that God DOES have a plan for my life. Because, sometimes, it's a struggle to remember that. There was my answer - written out right in front of me. It was a really special experience. Sometimes answers from God aren't as clear. Sometimes, they're right in front of our face. God is real. Pray, he is there. Speak, he is listening.