Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When Faith Endures

There are certainly a lot of reasons to be worried these days- worried about this crazy world we live in and worried about life in general. I look at where my life's at now and sometimes I wonder what the future holds. But, we sang these words in church on Sunday and I was filled with peace. I've been thinking about them ever since. (And I was treated to this beautiful sunset that night too.) There is always, always hope. And faith is ALWAYS the answer.

I will not doubt, I will not fear;
God's love and strength are always near.
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner strength and peace of mind.
I give the Father willingly

My trust, my prayers, humility.
His Spirit guides; his love assures
That fear departs when faith endures.
(LDS Hymns, "When Faith Endures")

Boom. Fear DEPARTS when we have faith. Love that. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Lasting Love

With Valentine's Day coming up next week, I've been thinking recently about this sweet moment I witnessed last year. (And with all the negativity out there, I thought I'd share it. :) )

Last May I was in Logan, Utah for a quick trip. I decided to stop by the temple grounds to snap a few pictures and enjoy the peace there. I parked on the side of the temple and was about to get out of my car when I noticed an elderly couple getting out of their car. The woman had been driving and went over to help the man get out. They then struggled to walk over to the gate, with the wife helping the man get there. My first instinct was to get out and help them, but I felt to hold back. I'm glad I did because what I witnessed was incredibly sweet and beautiful.

There stood the man and woman at the gate of the temple. The elderly woman (who was quite fragile herself) was literally helping hold the man up while he had his camera out and was snapping some pictures. Something tells me that this couple has supported and lifted each other in many other ways and for a long time. It is refreshing to know and see that true, long-lasting love exists in this world. This was the most touching, beautiful act of love I think I've ever witnessed. It makes me think of this quote by Jeffrey R. Holland, “True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves.”